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TMH Management

TMH Management has been established to represent the wealth of talent New Zealand has to offer. Our actors can expect to receive a personalised and hands on management style, as well as access to a program of specialised skills and technique workshops throughout the year.

Our mission is to help our actors chart their own unique path, to develop their craft and to achieve their full individual potential. We look forward to representing you at TMH Management.

Our Team

Tanya Horo

Talent Manager


Founder of TMH Management, Tanya Horo is a celebrated artist with over 15 years experience performing as an actor, singer and writer. From her years of involvement in the creative industries of New Zealand, Australia and the United States, Tanya has an intimate understanding of how the entertainment business works. Tanya is very excited about developing and representing the wealth of talent in New Zealand. She and her team are committed to sharing their knowledge, skills, experience and nurturing local talent to achieve success in New Zealand and internationally.

Kate Sullivan

Senior Talent Agent
Hong Kong/Singapore


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts and a Teaching Diploma, Kate has 22 years’ International experience within the industry, where she has been working as an Actress, Director, Casting Director, Booking Agent, Drama Teacher and Acting Coach in various cities around the world. Kate currently works with our talent from Asia and is our Casting Director on the ground for International roles.

Gary Benner

Tech Services


Gary is both our systems and tech wizard, as well as handling our Voices division. He has worked with talent since .

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Talent Manager
Tanya Horo
Email: commercial@tmh.management

Technical Wizard
Gary Benner
Email: tech@tmh.management

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